President's Message

You Be the Judge !

The local political race for County Executive features two candidates who are not well known in the Timonium area. Republican candidate Al Redmer served in the House of Delegates representing the Perry Hall area before serving under two governors as Maryland’s insurance commissioner. John Olszewski, Jr., the Democratic candidate, likewise served in the Maryland House of Delegates, representing the Dundalk area prior to 2014. How will these candidates react to the need for infrastructure improvements in Timonium over the next four years? What will be their takes on replacing Dulaney High School, and equally as important, how do they propose to pay for it? Should the Cockeysville Police Precinct be divided into two precincts- one serving the northern County and the other serving the southern part of the current precinct?

You will get a chance to ask about the above topics and many others when we hold a candidates’ forum on September 12th at 7:00 PM at the Cockeysville Library. Both candidates for County Executive have already confirmed that they will attend, as well as Third District Councilman Wade Kach and his challenger in the upcoming election, Colleen Ebacher. Each of these four will be given time to share their vision for Baltimore County, followed by questions submitted from the audience.

Your attendance at this event is important to demonstrate that the citizens of Timonium want to have a voice in how our local government carries out its business. Do not hesitate to bring friends and neighbors to this forum.

Eric Rockel, President